Last Random Thoughts for Today

I’ll do a series of quick thoughts for this post.  I promise this won’t happen often.

– Jorge who?  If the Yankees keep winning, and he starts to hit, nobody is going to care that wanted to sit.  Not that I care much.  I try to make as little a deal of things like this as possible, although I suppose if one of my favorite Dodgers was dropped low into the lineup and then whined, I’d be a little annoyed.  Unless it was James Loney.

– The NBA really needs to organize their draft order based on record from the previous season.  A lottery, while I suppose makes things interesting, really punishes the extraordinarily bad teams.  I’m sure the Timberwolves could use the top pick more than the Cavaliers.  Just imagine if St. Louis had the fifth pick in the 2010 draft, instead of the first pick.  They could have missed out on Sam Bradford and had to sign a stopgap veteran and be bad for another year.  Instead, they are a team on the upswing.  Now granted, the T-Wolves pick second, so it might not be a huge deal, but risking these sorts of things is bad for the NBA.  They already don’t have anything close to a claim of parity, and randomizing picks like this can’t really help.

– In other NBA news, the Mavericks can score points.  Also, Dirk Nowitzki is really good at scoring points.  Unique analysis there huh?  But seriously, the Thunder showed heart by holding on until the 4th quarter, but the Mavs just looked like a better, and more importantly, deeper team.  The depth of the Mavs bench has been the reason they’ve done so well, because the two teams they’ve played have had relatively thin benches.  So while Durant will go out and score points (and the Mavs should probably be a little worried that they gave up 40 to Durant), the Mavs can rely on Dirk to keep right up, and Kidd, Terry, and the bench can do the rest.  Now it’s only one game, but the Thunder looked somewhat overmatched.  Now, you should take that with a grain of salt, because I don’t know the most about Basketball.

– Bill Simmons made an interesting remark on a talk show of some sort, and he basically said that he didn’t think the NFL Owners and Players would come to any sort of agreement until the fans started really panicking and making a huge deal out of everything.  He was saying that right now, the general thought is “Well they’ll figure something out and then we’ll get football, so it’ll all be good”, and things won’t change until August when fans are thinking “Wait, we really aren’t getting football?”  I suppose I mostly agree with him.  I have been cautiously optimistic (although every time the courts rule in favor of the “losing” side (in this case, the owners), I lose a little faith.  The courts really need to pick a side, because that will get the negotiations moving fastest), which I suppose is what Simmons said.  I’m upset right now because of this constant stalemate, but I imagine most casual fans won’t be making a big deal about it until later.  I think the worst thing they could do would be to wait until half of the season is over, because a shortened season just wouldn’t be fun to watch.

– Ubaldo Jimenez has been really really bad this year.  I know that should go without saying, but it’s been shocking, and even a bit saddening to see.  The main culprits appear to be an uncharacteristically high walk rate (Three more walks/nine innings than last year, 2 more than his career average), and a ridiculous Home Run/Fly Ball rate.  The second one can be explained by the Coors Field effect.  But the walk rate should be the most troubling for any fan.  His Batting Average on Balls in Play is right in line with last years, and his Strikeout/Nine innings rate is actually a bit higher than last years, so it’s very easy to see what his issues are.  He had a good start today, so maybe he can turn it around.  He cut his cuticle earlier in the year, so this could be a case of a guy coming back too soon and screwing up his mechanics, but as a baseball fan, I really hope he starts pitching well again.

– Lastly, my condolences go out to the family of Harmon Killebrew.  I’ll admit I never watched him, so I can’t really appreciate how good he was.  But any man who can send a ball 520 feet, and hit 546 more dingers must have been pretty good.  And from what I understand, he was an even classier guy.  It’s always very sad to see the legends go.

Thanks for reading everybody, and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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