Review and Preview Number 2

I apologize for being late on this one, it certainly won’t happen again.  But here’s another Review and Preview of the Dodgers, starting with what happened yesterday.

The Dodgers lost to the Milwaukee Brewers 2-1.  As I predicted, Shaun Marcum pitched 7 innings and allowed only 1 run.  And in typical Dodger fashion, that run came off of a sacrifice fly by Matt Kemp.  Jon Garland pitched a decent game (6 Innings, 2 Runs, but walked 4 and only stuck out 1), but got tagged with the loss.  The real story in this game should be the defense of both teams, specifically Carlos Gomez, the defensive wizard and offensive under-performer manning Center Field for the Brewers.  In the 2nd Inning, Juan Uribe came up to bat with nobody on and hit a towering line drive that looked like it would clear the wall out in deep left center field.  And it did.  But it didn’t clear the glove of Carlos Gomez, who timed a perfect jump to snag the ball and keep the Dodgers off the board for the Brewers.  Seriously, click here for some excellent defense.  Dodgers left fielder Jay Gibbons, not wanting to be outdone, made this fine play to rob Rickie Weeks of a sure double and possibly a triple.  Adding to the defensive excellence, Juan Uribe made this great dive to save at least one more run from scoring against Garland.

It was a typical Dodger game though.  Great pitching, solid defense, but a terribly hard-to-watch offensive performance.  You know how good players make things look easier than they actually are?  These Dodger hitters make things look harder than they actually are.  That’s by no means me saying that I could come in and hit pitches off of Shuan Marcum, but the Dodgers have had one game in the past few series that made you say, “man, this offense could be passable!” and that was the shellacking of the Pittsburgh Pirates (who aren’t known for being good at much of anything if we’re being honest) where they won 10-3.  Now, I’m not saying they should go out and score 10 runs a game, but how about just scoring enough for your pitcher to get a win every now and then?  I swear, if I’m the Dodgers pitching staff, I’m sitting there saying “Man, I’d better walk out and pitch a shutout, because I can only count on 1 run from these guys.”  The Dodgers starting pitching staff has thrown quality starts in over half of their games, and Dodger starters have thrown the second most innings in Baseball (just 2 whole outs less than the Atlanta Braves).  The return of Rafael Furcal this week should have an impact, but I’m not sure how much of a difference one good hitter can make.  The biggest positive is that it’ll move Jamey Carroll to 2nd Base and Aaron Miles to the bench, but admittedly, Miles hasn’t been that bad.  Hopefully he provides a spark for the lineup.  If nothing else, Furcal and Carroll should get on base plenty for Ethier and Kemp.

As for tonight’s game, Hiroki Kuroda starts against former Dodger Randy Wolf.  I actually think this offense could score against Wolf, as he’s been incredibly average since signing with the Brewers.  Then again, I thought this offense could score against the Arizona pitcher making his first career start, which didn’t prove to be true.  Regardless, the lineup is stacked with Right Handed-Hitters against the Lefty Wolf, and Jerry Sands is starting in Left Field and still looking for his first major league home run.  Plus, I just really love Hiroki Kuroda, and think he’s the most underrated number 3 starter in Baseball.  I’ll say Kuroda goes 8 innings and gives up 1 run, and Wolf goes 6 innings and gives up 4.

I’m incredibly jealous of all the fans going tonight, as I would really like  Kershaw bobble-head.  Tomorrow I’ll write a post celebrating all things Kershaw, because he’s a fantastic pitcher, and an even greater person.

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