Holy New Content, Batman!

You know what that belt means folks?  It means that Football Season is finally back, and that it’s time for the Green Bay Packers to defend their championship and kick some tail.  In this post, I’m going to predict the Packers season, starting with the game tonight, as well as give a quick take on the NFC North.  So let’s get started.
Tonight, the Packers open their season against last year’s defending champions, the New Orleans Saints.  On paper, this looks to be an excellent matchup, and it should be a fantastic game.  However, I don’t think it will turn into the shootout everyone seems to be expecting.  Sure, it has the strong capability to turn into one, but I just don’t think it will.  For one, both teams have balanced running attacks that they were missing last year (Green Bay will have a healthy Ryan Grant and James Starks, while New Orleans will have a healthy Pierre Thomas, as well as 1st round pick Mark Ingram, and the underrated Darren Sproles), and both coaches will be quick to use their running attacks.  In addition, I think the Packers Secondary is too good to turn this game into a shootout.  Tramon Williams will lock down whoever he is covering, Sam Shields will do a good job on his man, and Charles Woodson will be Charles Woodson.  The Saints also have a good secondary as well, with Malcom Jenkins at Free Safety, and Jabari Greer and Tracy Porter at the Corner spots.  All three of whom are very good at what they do.  And while the Packers (on paper) can rush the passer better than the Saints with Clay Matthews, B.J. Raji, and Woodson, don’t count out the Saints rush just yet.  Gregg Williams is kind of a genius.  Essentially, while this game will feature two Super Bowl MVP’s at QB and loaded offenses, look for both coaches to try and stick to their running games, and look for both QB’s to have a bit of trouble with the strong Secondary’s that both teams feature.  Given that I’m a Packers fan, I think the Packers have an overall stronger offense, and will be better at creating turnovers on defense.  Final score: 31-24.  It’ll absolutely be a fantastic game.
As for the season, I think the Packers will finish 13-3.  I think they could realistically go 14-2 or even 15-1, but you just never know with injuries and the fact that you can lose against any team.  I think they lose to any combination of @Falcons, @Chargers, @Bears, @Lions, and maybe even tonight.  Pick three of those games as losses and there you go.  I do think they make it to the Super Bowl again though, and win a close game against the Patriots.
As for the rest of the NFC North, here’s a quick rundown:

The Chicago Bears: This team got very very lucky last year.  With a schedule that’s more difficult than last years, as well as a still questionable offensive line, it’s easy for me to sit here and say that this team will not win as many games as they did last year.  But, they still have that great defense and special teams, and they still have good players at the skill positions on the offense.  It’s all going to come down to how well their offensive line plays.  If they can keep Jay Cutler upright and not let him get sacked 50+ times again (Not even exaggerating there like I normally do), then I see them as a 10-11 win team, which would be good enough for a Wild Card spot.

The Detroit Lions: Everyone and their mother is excited about this team, and I can see why.  They have an explosive offense (with a questionable-at-best running game, but that’s easily overlooked) a massive defensive line (with awful linebackers and an average at best secondary, but that’s easily overlooked), a healthy Matthew Stafford (who’s still only played in like, 4 total games and hasn’t been great in all of them, but that’s easily overlooked), Calvin Johnson (who has the unfortunately dumb nickname of Megatron, but that’s easily overlooked), Ndamukong Suh (who will be targeted by officials all James Harrison style, and also has a name that’s really hard to spell, but that’s easily overlooked) and the hope of all the poor Detroit Sports Fans who haven’t had anything to cheer for in the past millennium (The Tigers are going to the playoffs and have the best pitcher in the AL, if not MLB in Justin Verlander, but that’s easily overlooked).  Yeah, I think they’re going 19-0 too.
The Minnesota Vikings: It’s really hard not to laugh at the Vikings.  After all, they had an epic collapse last year.  But if I’m just a bit objective, I can find some positives with this team.  The Skill positions on the offense are at least good (I think Donovan McNabb will bounce back personally), the defensive line is still ridiculous, even though Jared Allen is overrated.  The Linebackers aren’t too bad, and the Secondary is no worse than the Lions secondary.  The offense, even with a questionable line, should still be able to put up points with Adrian Peterson, Percy Harvin, Bernard Berrian, and Visanthe Shiancoe as targets for McNabb.  Minnesota needs a franchise QB, but there wasn’t much they could do about it, besides overpay for Kevin Kolb.  Given that situation, I think they did what they could, and are hoping that their veteran team can pull together and have a good season.  While that’s not usually the best way to build a winning team, it almost worked for them two years ago.  I see the Vikings as an 8 win team, and they could be better if all the pieces fall in the right place.  They’re not in the complete state of disarray and collapse that some might have you believe they’re in.
Overall, I think the NFC North produces two playoff teams in the Packers and Bears, while the Lions win 9 games, and the Vikings take 8.  The North is a strong division, and should be tough games on everyone’s schedule.  I’ll offer my overall predictions before Sunday’s games.  For now, enjoy the season opener!!!
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